Weever Security

Digital Assets Securely Stored 
Cryptocurrencies purchased on Weever are well stored in a combination of hot (online) and cold (offline) storage at our partner exchanges and OTC desks. A vast majority of digital assets is secured by offline storage. We also use multi-layer encryption to ensure system integrity and to protect against unauthorized access.

Trusted Trading Platform 
Real-time monitoring: operation and maintenance system monitor the platform operation 24H*7 with early warning mechanism.

Ultimate Account Security 
We implemented the 2-Factor Authentication mechanism via Email / SMS / Google Authenticator to better protect the security of users' assets.   

• Bank-standard user data encryption
• Enhanced control and monitoring of suspicious activities, such as large amount withdrawal  

Professional Information Technology Team 
Our trading platform is strongly supported by a crew of tech professionals and enthusiasts who are committed to providing timely detection and speedy response. It is also shielded with an cutting-edge solution tailored for Weever.

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